KSP100 HDPE pipe flakes granulation Testing


Good news, we tested our new KSP100 Single screw extrusion line, and reached big improvement. We added a 300L mixer and a vacuum feeder in the recycling line according to the customer's requirements. And make a little improvement on it, temperature sensor on the water ports of the vibration device, make temperature of the water in the water tank adjusted automatically by PLC.

Welcome to watch the video in our Youtube Channel: https://youtu.be/Tf4a6bcmZxo?list=PLjGJwj_127ZcR-oLT3cLuhk6FfgW8xCxY

Let me share some photos of the whole line with you

PE flakes granulation line

The whole line

PET flakes recycling system

300L Mixer

HDPE recycling equipments

WEG Motor

PE flakes granulation line

Vacuum degassing system

PET flakes recycling system

Die face cutter

HDPE recycling equipments

Watering Pelletizing line

If you are interested in this recycling line, or have any questions, leave message or contact us by e-mail, Whatsapp, anytime.

Many thanks for reading. 

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